Dentist or Day Spa? Star Treatment at Bright Star Dental

You, like many people, probably see going to the dentist as a necessary evil. One that you can easily talk yourself out of if you feel like you’re on top of your oral hygiene game well enough on your own.

You brush thoroughly, you floss daily, and you’re adulting now, so that unhealthy obsession with sweets has pretty much taken care of itself…save for the occasional post-breakup emergency.

So for the most part, when it comes to your oral health, you’re basically winning, right?

Not exactly. You still need to schedule routine dental cleanings and exams with an experienced, highly skilled dentist who will take a proactive approach to your oral health, and you can find him in Las Cruces, New Mexico at Bright Star Dental.

You’ll Be Glad You Chose Us

Dr. Brian Gilbert is an award-winning leader in the field of dentistry.  Educated by some of the most lauded experts in the industry, he has devoted his nearly 30 year career to furthering his own education and sharpening his skills, taking his practice to the next level so he can provide patients with the highest quality of care around.

When you trust Dr. Gilbert with your general dentistry needs, you know you’re in the hands of someone who takes a proactive approach to oral health. He and our highly skilled team at Bright Star Dental want to bring you to optimal health, but we don’t stop there.

Our goal is to help you get healthy and stay healthy.

When was the last time your dentist sat down with you to talk about proper nutrition? One of the things that sets Dr. Gilbert apart from other dentists is his focus on preventive dentistry services. During your routine checkup, we might offer a couple of treatment options to protect your tooth enamel, or you can take advantage of our nutrition counseling so you can learn how to keep your smile healthy for as long as possible.

Call our office at 575-680-1084 today to schedule an appointment, and let us help you get there and stay there. Ask about our new patient promotions!

You’ll Feel Like Royalty

When you feel like you’ve got a pretty good handle on your oral health, if given the choice, you’d probably much rather spend a free afternoon treating yourself to some time at the spa instead of a dentist’s office. But why choose when you can have both?

As soon as you enter our beautiful office at Bright Star Dental, you’ll wonder if you’re even in a dentist’s office at all! Our reception area looks nothing like the clinical waiting rooms you’d expect on a typical trip to see a dentist. Instead, it’s like you’re walking into our living room, complete with refreshments, a fragrant room scent that’s positive and friendly, and relaxing music just like you’d hear at the spa.

Once inside Dr. Gilbert’s operatory room, you’re immediately soothed by our ultra soft heated leather massage chair, a warm blanket, and even an eye cover to keep the bright lights from disturbing you during your treatment.

If you’re asking yourself, “Um, where can I sign up for that, please?” then call us today at 575-680-1084, where our warm, friendly staff will be waiting to take care of you.

You’ll Not Only Feel Like a Star, You’ll Look Like One, Too!

During your visit to Bright Star Dental, you’ll relax in a comfortable massage chair as one of our highly trained hygienists gives you a refreshing cleaning. Then you’ll receive a thorough examination by Dr. Gilbert, who also happens to be the only dentist in the Las Cruces, New Mexico region to be accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Imagine being cared for by a dentist with Dr. Gilbert’s credentials, who will not only make sure your smile is healthy, but who has the expertise and experience to make your smile as bright and beautiful as possible! That’s one of the things that sets Bright Star Dental apart from anywhere else.

With a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, there is no flaw in your smile that we can’t correct. From minor teeth whitening treatments to full restoration procedures such as dental implants, you can have exactly the smile you deserve, and thanks to Dr. Gilbert’s cutting edge technology and in-house laboratories, you can look like a million bucks in as little as one visit!

You’ve already made proper oral hygiene a priority, so why not choose a general dentist like Dr. Gilbert who will not only help you maintain a healthy smile, but who will be there with the necessary expertise when you’re ready to take your smile to the next level?

Call Bright Star Dental today at 575-680-1084, and schedule your first appointment with the dentist you can trust with your total oral health for life!


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