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Custom Dental Crowns in One Appointment

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One Visit Natural Looking Teeth with Same Day CEREC Crowns

Improve Smile Aesthetics and Bite Function

Dental crowns and dental bridges are two excellent options for patients looking to restore or replace their teeth. While dental crowns restore damaged teeth and dental bridges replace missing teeth, the main goal of both is to bring back a complete smile that functions correctly and looks attractive. Dr. Brian Gilbert, our experienced cosmetic dentist, creates custom dental crowns that fit naturally and improve your smile aesthetics and bite function. Utilizing CEREC technology, we design, mill, and bond dental crowns to your teeth in the comfort of our office. If you have a defective or cracked tooth, Dr. Gilbert can restore and enhance your smile in one visit.

How CEREC Technology Works

Dr. Parsons is trained in the software and technology required to create highly customized and quality dental crowns right in our office. Beginning with a digital scan of your tooth or teeth, we use these images to custom design dental crowns in our software system. This information is sent to our in-office milling unit, which will precision cut a brand new crown while you wait in your chair. In less than one hour, we will be able to test these dental crowns for an accurate fit, then bond them securely to your prepared teeth. Once these restorations are in place, many patients find it difficult to distinguish dental crowns from their other natural teeth!

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridges

With an artistic eye for detail, Dr. Gilbert precisely tailors all dental crowns and dental bridges to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth. Along with restoring smile aesthetics, these restorations improve bite stability and oral function.

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My Smile Was Completely Refreshed with Porcelain Crowns

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Why Choose Dental Crowns or Bridges?​

  • Restores facial and smile aesthetics
  • Protects damaged or surrounding teeth
  • Durable, strong, and long-lasting
  • Increased oral health
  • Improves ability to eat comfortably
  • Improves clarity of speech
  • No additional at-home maintenance

Restore your smile in one visit!