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Permanently Replace All Your Failing or Missing Teeth

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Live a Life You Love

If you have many failing or missing teeth, or you wear dentures, it can often feel like your case is hopeless. But there is a way you can renew your smile’s beauty, function, and health—permanently—allowing you to live a life you love! Full arch dental implants are the only solution that can effectively return you to a healthier and more functional state, significantly improving your confidence and quality of life. Through our advanced surgical protocol and meticulous restorative care, our accredited cosmetic dentist, Dr. Brian Gilbert, and our partnering board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Bryce B. Heiner, have the skills and experience to provide full arch dental implants for our Las Cruces, NM patients. Don’t let failing or missing teeth keep you from loving your life. Schedule your implant consultation today!

Why Choose Full Arch Dental Implants?

  • Permanent replacement for ALL your teeth
  • Bite and chew all the foods you love
  • Smile big with total confidence
  • See an improvement in your oral health
  • Return to an active, social lifestyle

The Full Arch Teeth Replacement Process

Full arch dental implants involve surgically placing four or more dental implants into the jaw that securely attach to a full arch of artificial teeth. We use high-quality, durable zirconia or acrylic material for these restorations, both of which have advantages that may best fit your individual needs. Working closely with our partnering board-certified oral surgeon, Dr. Heiner, we can often extract remaining teeth, place the implants, and attach temporary fixed teeth in a single appointment. This lets you leave the office with a full arch of functioning, aesthetic teeth the day of your implant surgery! Though this may not be the case with all full arch dental implants patients, our collaborative environment promotes comprehensive treatment planning to ensure the best process for your unique needs and goals.

Full Arch Dental Implants - Brightstar Dental

Choose the Dental Experts for Your Care

Full arch dental implants treatment can be a complex process that may include tooth extractions and bone grafting, as well as surgical planning, implant placement, and the design of a custom, life-like prosthesis. Dr. Brian Gilbert has completed continuing education in full arch hybrid prosthetics and comprehensive implant treatment planning and restoration, and is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (the first and only in the Las Cruces and the El Paso region of west Texas), where he is an active consultant and examiner. Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Heiner collaborate to create comprehensive treatment plans and the most ideal surgical and restorative path to return each patient to optimal oral health and function. As members by invitation of the prestigious American Society of Implant & Reconstructive Dentistry, they are recognized as a team dedicated to quality, effective treatment through routine surgical and restorative care. All this education and experience combined allows us to provide the highest standard of care, and we consistently provide our patients with functioning, beautiful smiles and improved qualities of life through full arch dental implants. Learn how full arch teeth replacement may be your solution during a consultation today!

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