What May Surprise You About Smile Makeovers

Why is it so easy to put everyone else’s needs and wants ahead of our own? Why do we keep things we’d like to do for ourselves tucked away in Someday City while we let everything and everyone else dominate their way to the top of our priority list?

You’re probably like most of us when it comes to treating ourselves. It’s easy to talk yourself out of pursuing something you’ve always wanted because maybe it makes you feel too guilty or indulgent.

The responsibilities of everyday life such as parenthood, pressure from work, or the stress of caring for an elderly parent or relative all will likely take precedent over what you want. And this is totally understandable!

But think for a moment about what you’re told to do in emergency situations where children are involved. Before your plane takes off, for example, the flight attendant will go over emergency protocol and instruct parents to take care of themselves first before administering safety measures to the children, right? And why is that?

It’s because you can’t very well protect a child when you, the parent, are in distress. The same idea applies to everyday life. How much can you really do for others if your own mind, body, and spirit aren’t being cared for?

At Bright Star Dental, we meet new patients all the time who say they’ve been unhappy with their smile for years and years before they finally decided to do something about it. One of the things we often hear from satisfied patients after they’ve had work done to improve their smile is how they’d wish they’d done it sooner.

If this sounds familiar, today’s blog is for you! We’re giving you permission to put yourself first for a change!

Our respected expert in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Gilbert, wants you to know that the smile of your dreams is within your reach.

A smile makeover at Bright Star Dental is any combination of restorative or cosmetic procedures that give you the smile you’ve always wanted. It might include such things as:

-porcelain veneers

-teeth whitening

-dental implants

-dental bonding

-gum reshaping/gummy smile treatment

……And more!

Here are some facts about a smile makeover that may surprise you.

A Smile Makeover Can Change More Than Just Your Smile

Improving your smile, whether it be with restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry, is not all about vanity. Making over your smile can change your life in other ways for the better:

-It can boost your confidence and self-esteem, which can improve your relationships and interpersonal interactions.

-It can make you feel comfortable being who you are without hiding behind embarrassing imperfections in your smile.

-It can restore the functionality of your teeth, correcting pain or making it easier for you to speak and enjoy your favorite foods.

-It can improve your oral and overall health by protecting or repairing broken, chipped, loose, or missing teeth, allowing you to maintain better nutrition for a healthier smile.

A Smile Makeover Can Be Done Sooner Than You Think

We are able to offer many procedures surprisingly quickly thanks to our advanced technology.

CEREC, for example, allows us to take a digital impression of a patient’s tooth that we can then use to design and create a crown right here in our own in-house laboratory.

A Smile Makeover Can Be More Affordable Than You Think

Too often, we make assumptions about cosmetic dentistry being something only very wealthy people can afford. That’s simply not true at Bright Star Dental.

Our staff is very good about working with patients to find the payment option they’re most comfortable with. We accept cash, checks, and credit cards as well as most dental insurances (except Medicare/Medicaid), and CareCredit. We even offer in-house financing options.

We also offer free cosmetic consultations so if after meeting with Dr. Gilbert you feel like a smile makeover isn’t for you, you haven’t lost anything at all!

Are you ready to give yourself permission to meet with us and talk about what it would take to love your smile? Give us a call today at 575-680-1084 or fill out our online form to schedule your free consultation.

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