Facts About Cavities & Fillings Everyone Should Know

It’s normal to have a filling or two in your teeth. That’s because cavities (also known as tooth decay) are common. It’s really hard to keep your enamel from ever having one.

Although cavities are so common, there are a few important misconceptions about them. For example, many people think sugar causes cavities (it doesn’t) or that you’ll easily know when you have a cavity (you won’t).

That’s why you need to call our Las Cruces, NM dental office today at 575-680-1084. Regular dental cleanings and dental exams are absolutely necessary to help you fight cavities. But knowing more about this dental problem will certainly help as well.

Why Teeth Get Cavities

Again, some people think you get cavities because you eat too much sugar. That’s about half-right. The real culprit is harmful bacteria that live in everyone’s mouth. They can live on your teeth, and they produce acid. This stuff erodes holes in your teeth, giving you cavities.

These bacteria survive by eating tiny particles of food and drink that get trapped in your mouth. Because sugar is packed with energy, they can multiply fast by eating enough of it. That’s why sugar is bad for your teeth — it lets harmful bacteria thrive.

That’s also why you need to brush, floss, and get a dental cleaning every six months. This helps get rid of the food feeding those bacteria as well as the plaque and tartar they call home. Call Bright Star Dental today to schedule your next appointment. Dr. Gilbert is very experienced, and with his training, he can help find problems and take care of them.

Cavity And Dental Filling Facts

To keep your smile free from tooth decay, you need to brush and floss. But knowing more about cavities will also help. Here are four important facts about cavities and fillings everyone should know.

  1. You can have cavities without ever knowing it.

Cavities grow in your enamel, but here’s the thing: Your enamel cannot feel anything. The tooth’s nerves are below the enamel inside the dental pulp. When you start to get a cavity, you will probably not know it. Worse, you won’t know how big that cavity is growing.

That’s why getting a dental exam from Dr. Gilbert is so important. That’s how you discover cavities while they are still small and more easily repaired.

  1. If a cavity grows too deep, you’ll end up needing a root canal or a dental extraction.

When you’re not getting a dental exam regularly, you could have cavities. And they keep growing until they’re treated. If you ignore a cavity long enough, it could bore straight through the enamel and reach your dental pulp.
When this happens, you will need a root canal. Otherwise, your tooth will continue to hurt and deteriorate until you need a dental extraction to remove what’s left of the tooth.

  1. If a cavity gets too big, a dental filling cannot be used.

Along the same lines, a cavity that is not treated fast enough will keep growing wider, not just deeper. As more of your enamel begins to decay, you’ll eventually hit the point where a dental filling won’t work anymore. Fillings have to bond with healthy enamel to stay put. If there’s not enough of that, any filling will just fall out.

Dr. Gilbert can still help, of course. Instead of a dental filling, you can get a dental crown instead. These caps cover the whole visible part of your tooth. A dental crown will seal up the cavity, stopping it from getting worse and strengthening that tooth.

  1. You do not have to get metal fillings anymore.

In the past, your only real choice for a filling was silvery metal amalgam. Those are still being used because they work. However, dental technology has advanced to the point where there is a great alternative.

At our Las Cruces, NM dental office, you can get tooth-colored fillings instead. These repair cavities like metal ones, but they blend in with your smile. Getting a tooth-colored filling can help end tooth pain when you chew. It also avoids needing a dental crown or a root canal.

Call us TODAY at 575-680-1084 to schedule your next dental cleaning and dental exam. Even by knowing these facts, you still need to get your teeth professionally cleaned and examined. That way, you can have the healthiest smile you can get.

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