Smile With Confidence Thanks To A Full-Mouth Reconstruction

It’s hard to feel like smiling when you have several problems with your teeth. Stains, damage, and missing teeth are embarrassing. What’s worse is how they can make you feel like there’s nothing to be done. It’s just too bad.

Thankfully, that is not the truth. Call our Las Cruces, NM dental office today at (575) 635-40084 to schedule your initial consultation for a full-mouth reconstruction. Dr. Gilbert has advanced training in restorative dentistry treatments that make up full-mouth reconstructions, so you can finally get the healthy, attractive smile you deserve.

With Several Dental Problems, You Need A Plan

Restorative dentistry is focused on fixing problems with your teeth. In other words, it restores your teeth, not just to how they were, but to how they should be. If you’ve ever gotten a filling or dental crown to repair a cavity, then you’ve had restorative dentistry.

If you just have the one cavity, you get the one treatment — it’s as simple as that. But what do you do when you have several problems, such as some cavities, a chipped tooth, and a missing one? You need a plan — and that’s exactly what a full-mouth reconstruction does.

As with a smile makeover, a full-mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive plan to use treatments until your smile is where you need it to be. If you have a few dental problems, call Bright Star Dental today and make your initial appointment. After Dr. Gilbert has thoroughly examined your teeth and gums, the two of you will work together to decide how best to restore your smile so you can smile with confidence once more.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction Treatments

Any dental treatment that restores your teeth can be part of a full-mouth reconstruction, but here are some of the common dental restorations that are used in these plans.


Not much stands out in your smile like an empty space. The contrast between your white teeth and your dark mouth makes it hard to not see. Plus, your other teeth will grow crooked with that tooth’s support.

For a long-lasting dental restoration, you want a dental implant. It uses a beautiful but tough replacement tooth connected to an implanted root. It’s as close to regrowing a tooth as you can get.


Teeth that are chipped, cracked, or discolored are easy to feel embarrassed about. That’s because they look painful and unhealthy. But teeth with damage like these can also get worse over time. You could even have some pain when chewing.

That’s when dental crowns can help. These tooth-shaped caps fit snugly over your teeth. This hides the damage, but it also protects the tooth and makes sure the damage won’t get worse.


Not everyone can get a dental implant. You need a jawbone strong and thick enough to hold safely onto that implanted root. If you have this situation, there is a solution. Dental bridges use the same replacement tooth as dental implants, but instead of an implant, it’s held firmly in that space by two dental crowns.


Dental bridges and dental implants are great restorations for a single lost tooth, but they’re impractical to use when you have to replace a full arch of teeth. That’s when dentures come in handy. They’ve been around for a while, but that’s because they work great. Dr. Gilbert will give you a full arch of natural-looking replacement teeth so your smile is back.


Your teeth are protected by enamel. This hard substance has no nerves or blood vessels. Instead, both are located in the dental pulp inside your tooth. So when your dental pulp gets infected by bacteria, it’s more than just painful. It can threaten your whole tooth.

That’s when you need a root canal. No, theses are not incredibly painful! Dr. Gilbert’s training and technology allows him to carefully remove the infection, restoring your tooth to its natural healthy state.

Call us TODAY at (575) 635-4008 to schedule your first appointment for a full-mouth reconstruction. Once Dr. Gilbert has thoroughly examined your teeth and gums, you can work with him to create a plan that will let you smile with confidence once again.

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