Eat These Foods For A Healthy Smile [BLOG]

We always hear about the potentially harmful impact that sugar can have on your teeth. If you consume too many sugary snacks and drinks, you’re putting yourself at a much higher risk for cavities and tooth decay. But what do you hear about overall nutrition as it relates to your oral health? Not enough, in our professional opinion.

At Bright Star Dental in Las Cruces, NM, we care about your total wellness. That’s why we offer nutritional counseling so that you can make informed decisions about your family’s diet. Healthy smiles begin with what you eat. So in addition to our nutrition services, we’re sharing top foods for oral health. When you add these to your daily diet, you’re bringing yourself one step closer to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Can An Apple A Day Keep The Dentist Away?

Well, we would never advise you to stay away from our Las Cruces dental office. We love seeing you at your regular dental cleanings and exams! In fact, keeping up with those regular checkups is one of the best preventive measures to a healthy mouth. But an apple a day is good for your teeth.

First, apples are nutrient dense and delicious. Not only that, but they also provide the necessary calcium and fiber you need to get and stay healthy. Their texture alone acts as a natural toothbrush, helping to keep your tooth’s surface nice and clean. So be sure to pack one before you head to school or work. Apples are a great midday snack to help you keep your teeth naturally clean.

Eat Yogurt For Good…. Bacteria?

Actually, yes! Many studies have shown that so much of our total wellness begins in our gut. A healthy gut is one that is full of the good bacteria we need in our bodies to reduce your risk for chronic inflammation and infections. That’s why the good bacteria from yogurt can be so beneficial to you. It’s full of probiotics, as well as calcium and protein, that you need to strengthen your teeth, gums, and jawbone against things like gum disease and other harmful infections. You can even chop up your apple and blend it with your favorite all-natural, low sugar yogurt.

Cheese – It’s Good For Your Teeth!

We’re not talking about cheese from a can. What you need is natural cheese, made from milk, to benefit from the calcium that your teeth need to stay strong and healthy. It not only makes everything taste better, whether you sprinkle it on your salad or melt it on your burger, but it makes you look good. Cheese in an excellent calcium-rich source of strength for your mouth. So go ahead and cut the cheese, and add it to your fruit and veggie tray for a healthy snack that’ll help your smile.

Celery – It’s Magic For Your Mouth

Not only is celery packed full of water that can help you keep your mouth clean, it’s crunchiness helps promote your body’s saliva production. Saliva is a great way to naturally wash away any debris that gets left behind in your mouth after a meal. It also breaks into strings as you eat it, which can act like a natural floss that helps clean tiny food particles that might otherwise get cozy between your teeth.

Almonds For The Win!

Almonds are a wonderful snack for several reasons. They keep your teeth strong thanks to their protein, which keeps your teeth strong, and their crunch, which again, encourages saliva flow in your mouth. They’re also good for your brain, your heart, and your blood sugar levels. Almonds can be added to almost anything for added crunch and flavor, such as salads, granola, and yogurt.

Make An Appointment For Nutritional Counseling

A healthy diet isn’t just about keeping your waistline in check. To get the most out of your diet, make sure you include these healthy foods for all the ways they specifically benefit your oral health. Our team at Bright Star Dental is excited about helping you achieve your best, most beautiful smile. It starts with a phone call to our Las Cruces dental office and an appointment for nutritional counseling!

Give us a call TODAY at 575-680-1084 or fill our online form to set up a time to come in and learn more!

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