What’s the real value of a Smile?

Every once in awhile, when discussing some cosmetic dentistry options, a patient will ask, “So, is it really worth it to have my smile improved?”

The first time if happened, I was completely caught off guard.  I really didn’t know how to respond to their question.

Since then, I’ve had a little time to think and to do a little research on my own—what I found is pretty interesting…

  1. According to surveys, when polled over 80% of Americans said that a great smile played an important part in job interpersonal success. That’s right. 80%!
  2. Another study conducted utilized 2 photos: One photo showed a photo of a man with an attractive smile. The other photo was of the same man with one of his front teeth “photo-shopped” out.

    In the study, graduate students were asked to evaluate the possible IQ of the individual in the photo: below average, average, or above average.

    The results were amazing: When graduate students were shown the “good smile” photo, 76% of them rated his IQ as above average. (24% rated his IQ as average.)

  3. 3 weeks later, when the same graduate students were shown the “bad smile” photo, 93% rated his IQ at below average! (Only 7% of them rated his IQ at average.)

So, what does this mean? We all know that a less-than-ideal smile doesn’t lower someone’s IQ.

This study does show that other people evaluate us–rightly or wrongly–on the basis of our appearance. The study also shows us that our smile plays a very important part in that evaluation process!

So the next time I’m asked about the real value of a smile—I’ll know just what to say.

And, if you would like us to evaluate your smile for possible improvements, please give us a call at [phone] —we can schedule a free Cosmetic Dentistry consultation just for you.

Until Next Time,

Dr. G

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